Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004)

With the worldwide growing concerns regarding our living environment, ISO 14001 is recognized more and more as an organization’s high level commitment to environmental protection. Over 110,000 organizations in 138 countries have implemented ISO 14001 standard requirements in their environmental management system and have been assessed and certified. This demonstrates commitment to meet environmental challenges.

The ISO 14001 standard is primarily concerned with the approach of “environmental management”, which provides guidance to the organization in order to: Minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by business activities; and Achieve continual improvement of environmental performance.

The Benefits

  • Internationally recognized and accepted standard
  • Formal accredited certificate giving confidence to customers and stakeholders
  • Can be easily integrated with existing management systems
  • Provision of skilled environmental auditors
  • Consistency in audit methodology

The qualified auditors work with clients to ensure the management systems are effective and continuously improved to add value and meet customers’ growing expectations.